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Dr. Joseph E. Hines PHD

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A Personal Walk is a book about creating a personal relationship with  Christ. The book is about the journey of a man who was born in a  middle-class home with all the trappings of success, graduated from the  Naval Academy, traveled the world as a Naval Officer and was seemingly  successful in his own right, yet a man who was spiritually lost.   Through the use of 10 biblical principles this man found a personal  relationship with Christ and was subsequently healed, overcame divorce,  alcoholism, loss of career, and an ego that often got in his way. If you  want to enhance your relationship with Christ, make it A Personal Walk!

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Dr. Joseph Hines, PHD, Christian Author

Dr. Joseph Hines, PHD, Christian Author

Joseph Hines was born in Southeast Washington DC, and grew up mostly in Silver Spring MD.  He attended John F. Kennedy H.S. where he excelled in academics and athletics.   Joseph was a starting half back on the football team and the number 1 sprinter on the track team.  He graduated from JFK in 1980 with an appointment to the Naval Academy Preparatory School.  He successfully matriculated through the prep school with a full academic scholarship and appointment to the United States Naval Academy.   Joseph Hines was a four year varsity track standout and a three year 150 pound football star, obtaining Second Team all league honors as a running back and receiving 6 varsity letters, beating Army 4 times.

Upon graduation from the Naval Academy Joseph selected Surface Warfare as his military career choice.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Navy, that meant Joseph would learn how to drive ships and lead and organization that was mobile.

Joseph attended the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterrey California where he obtained a Masters Degree in Manpower Personnel Training and Analysis. He was selected as the first African American to attend the Naval War College in Australia, the training school for senior officers.   Prior to retirement he was in Bahrain, Middle East during the 9/11 Crisis, serving during Operations Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, the Afghanistan Campaign.

Joseph received his doctorate in Business Administration from California Pacific University while still serving in the military.    Joseph retired from the Navy after 20 years of service receiving many honors and awards.

Upon retirement in July 2005, Joseph became the CEO of Success Behavior Institute, LLC and served as one of the founder members along with his parents Dr. Percy and Alice Thomas.  Joseph took over sole ownership of SBI, LLC, restructured and renamed the company Success Business Inc in January 2010 and is now serving as President and CEO.

He is a loving husband and father to two wonderful young ladies.  He serves his faith as an Ordained Deacon and serves the community of Howard County in which he lives as a member of the Leadership Howard County class of 08, where by the way he met his lovely bride.

As a man of faith, educated leader and  former athlete and military officer, Joseph realizes that training is vital to success.  Success is not a chance happening, it is a destination for those who wish to take the journey.