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A spiritual midwife, Ann is passionate about identifying and birthing the full potential in others. With an inherent belief that we are all created with a divine purpose and destiny; Ann’s desire is to help propel people toward a life of personal, spiritual, and emotional fulfillment. Evident in her best-selling book, “The New Consecrated Cocoon – Emerging from Intimate Isolation with Power and Purpose,” Ann helps readers understand that Isolation is God’s personal invitation for preparation that leads to elevation. Her life changing book explains the process of God allowing and using disappointments in our lives to draw us closer to Him, while strategically pointing us to who He created us to be. Ann Thomas Ministry was founded in 2001 to ENCOURAGE life transformation, EQUIP with the truth of God’s Word, and EMPOWER individuals to boldly pursue their purpose in Christ. A former radio host, Ann is a gifted speaker, who (led by the Holy Spirit) interweaves the Word of God, humor, and transparent testimonies to create an atmosphere for authentic and life-transforming encounters. Ann has been featured in several magazines, been a guest on various radio shows, and recently appeared on the Christian Television Network’s HomeKeeper’s broadcast. She travels the world spreading a spiritually empowering message at various events and church services and when she’s local, is very active in prison ministry and facilitating life-changing workshops. Ann is the proud mom of two sons (24 & 19) and currently resides in Georgia. For more about Ann visit:


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